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EPS production line

EPS production line

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While we invest a new EPS panel production line, we should consider the advanced latest technology , long service life,high efficiency,energy saving ,lower failure rate, rich manufacturing experience, safety use and good after  sales service etc. On our rich experiences, we consider all for you, just tell your requirement, we can work out an economic proposal.

EPS Panel Production Line includes:

1) EPS pre expander

-Continual type EPS pre-expander

-Batch EPS pre-expander

-Accurate EPS pre-expander
2)EPS block molding machine 

-Air cooling type EPS block molding machine

-Vacuum EPS block molding machine
3)EPS cutting machine 

-Semi Automatic EPS block cutting machine

-Full Automatic EPS foam  cutting machine

-EPS foam CNC cutting machine
4)EPS foam recycling machine

-EPS mixer, EPS de-duster, EPS crusher

-EPS hot melting recycling machine

-EPS compactor
5)EPS age silos and silo transport system
6)Steam boiler
7)Steam tank 
8)Double Screw air compressor
9)Air tank 
10)Pipes and valves for connecting the full EPS production line.


1.Which factors will affect EPS production line price(cost)?

1) The raw material -steel. For example, for a longer service life and stable machine structure, good and responsible manufacturer uses thick and quality steel sheet and they make heat treatment, slot blasting etc to add the service life.

2) Spare parts

Good spare parts (especially for the key parts), it should be world famous brand, so that it is not easy to be broken , it can lower the the machine error, reduce maintenance and failure rate, guarantee good and smooth production.

3) The EPS foam block size and production capacity

Because different sizes of  EPS foam blocks require different model No. of EPS block machines, the cost are also different. For different size EPS block machine, it requires different capacity auxiliary Equipment, that will also affect the cost of EPS foam production line.

2.Do you supply turn key EPS production line?

Yes, Design EPS machine layout,On-site commissioning and training of operator ,on line support while you meet problem in your production process ,tell you how to select EPS raw material etc.

3.How can I get an effective EPS insulation sheet production line quotation?

Firstly you should have an idea for the following points:

1). You will produce what specification EPS block?Or tell us the max length of the EPS foam block.

2). What density of EPS block you will produce? (The min and max density of EPS block that you will produce)?

3). What is the daily production capacity that you require?

4). What is your local power ?380V 50HZ 3PH?Or other power?

5). For the steam boiler, it has different fuels: heavy diesel oil, light diesel oil, natural gas, biomass(like use rick husk, wood saw dust to make wood pellet). You will use which type fuel?

4.What is the EPS panel Production process?

EPS production line

5. For the EPS waste, how should we handle?

Use EPS recycling machine to remake EPS blocks. Or you may use use EPS compactor or EPS hot melting machine to handle. 

 EPS foam(expanded polystyrene ,styrofoam) machine working video

How we make EPS machines?

how to make EPS machine

We use which brand sparts for our EPS machinery?

EPS machine spare parts brand

To see our workshop and delivery

Production is only profitable, using machines with low energy consumption and high grade to automation. If you are looking for EPS production line supplier from China, if you want to get good quality EPS pre-expander,EPS foam block machine,automatic hot wire EPS cutting machine and most energy -saving EPS shape molding machine and EPS mold, pls write to me sales@hbhscn.com or discuss with a responsible person by whatsapp +86 156 3382 1221!

About EPS machines, please refer the following link:

Continual type EPS Pre-expander, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/continual-type-eps-pre-expander_p29.html

Batch type EPS pre-expander, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/batch-type-eps-pre-expander_p33.html

Air cooling type EPS block molding machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/air-cooling-type-eps-block-modling-machine_p47.html

Vacuum type EPS block molding machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/vacuum-type-eps-blocking-molding-machine_p48.html

Semi-Auto EPS block cutting machine , please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/semi-auto-eps-block-cutting-machine_p49.html

Automatic EPS block cutting machine , please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/automatic-eps-block-cutting-machine_p50.html

Hot wire CNC foam cutting machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/eps-hot-wire-cnc-foam-cutter_p16.html

EPS foam coating machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/eps-coating-machine_p18.html

CNC thermocol cutting machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/cnc-thermocol-cutting-machine_p14.html

5 axis CNC foam cutting machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/5-axis-cnc-foam-cutter_p15.html

EPS circle cutting machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/circle-arc-eps-cutting-machine_p19.html

EPS shape molding machine please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/icf-block-molding-machine_p69.html

EPS recycling system ,please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/eps-recycling-system_p35.html

EPS production line auxiliary system, steam boiler, steam tank, air compressor, air tank, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/auxiliary-equipment-for-the-full-eps-production-line_p38.html

EPS hot melting recycling machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/eps-hot-melting-recycling-machine_p57.html

EPS 3D panel machine workshop, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/eps-3d-panel-machine-icf-blcok-machine-workshop_nc3

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