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Accurate EPS pre expander


Accurate EPS pre-expander is our new developed product!The expanding density tolerance is only +/-0.1g/l.


Energy Saving high accuracy EPS pre expander has the following features:


· Material weight measuring section takes special measuring controlling device and loading device, they are controlled by Touch Screen and PLC, the amount can be controlled accurately

· For the material level controlling, the machine takes vibration Induction controller imported from Korea, it can feel the rising rate of the beads, keeps the Expanding density as the min. Rate(tolerance ± 0.1 g/l)

· There is temperature controlling device in the pre-expanding vessel; it can control the temperature change into smallest level so that it can save the heat energy.

· The heating base plate is made of high quality stainless steel and after precious laser cutting. During heating, the steam can pass through the base plate more smoothly and equivalently, this can make pre-expanding density more stable, the parcels will be more even, the steam exhaust can be reduced accordingly, this can save the material cost and the energy cost as much as possible.

· Steam-Water discharge device can avoid the solidification of the water and the lumping of the foam, thus it can reduce the water entrainment rate of the material.

· Advanced steam control system, with Japan steam reducer to get a stable steam pressure,  then we use American high frequency valve to control the heating  

· With heating pipes around the vessel to reduce water content !


Welcome your enquiry about energy -saving and  high accuracy EPS pre-expander!

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