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EPS Recycling System

EPS Recycling System

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EPS (Expanded Polystyrene ) recycling machine

In the EPS production, sometimes we’ll leave some wasted EPS. By EPS recycling system, the recycled EPS, material can be reused in shape moulding production in a ratio of at least 10-20 percent without any perceptibly optical or physical change of the product quality. For block moulding 20-50 percent or more can be added.

If the production capacity is not very big, we can use mini EPS recycling system as solution.

In the recycling process, we usually use EPS mixer, EPS de-duster and EPS crusher.

EPS mixer 

EPS mixer

Model No.:HS-CH-30




OVERALL SIZE:3100*2100*5800MM

EPS Crusher &EPS de-duster

EPS crusher

EPS deduster

Specification: HS-3210

Diameter: Φ255mm

Productivity: 6m³ /h

Power: 6.62kW

Weight: 400kg.

Overall dimensions: 2400 x 700 x 1400mm

If the production capacity is very big, we can consider the following solution ..

EPS recycling

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