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Sri Lanka Client Visit Our Steel Roll Forming Machine Factory


Recently, our Sri Lanka client came to China again to visit our steel roll forming machine factory and test the machine. After we did the first business, he was so satisfied with our machine as well as our after-sale service, so we became very good friends ever since then.

Steel roll forming machine is widely used in Large/middle-sized enterprises civil buildings, such as factory, garage, gym, exhibition building and cinema etc.


The color steel formed by steel roll forming machine is very beautiful and novel. Its appearance is very flat. It also has advantages of uniform corrugation, high utilization rate, high strength, high degree of automation, low cost as well as long service life.

steel roll forming mahcine

Till now, our steel roll forming machine is the most advanced machine, which adopt Japan imported PLC control system. The differences is mainly on Touch screen and Digital display. The mold is made of special steel which is sturdy, durable and of long service life.

So if you also want to visit our Steel roll forming machine factory, please feel free to write to our mailbox: sales@hbhscn.com. Sincerelly welcome here.

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