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Introduction of Security Mesh Welding Machine


Security mesh welding machine is also called MAG mesh welding machine. This machine is the upgraded type. Why? Because it adopts electric motor as the power source replace the compressed air as power source. Therefore, even in the condition of under 0 degree, the machine still can operate normally. Due to the cancellation of the wearing parts such as air cylinders, air valves and so on, this electric motor type welding machine's failure rate is only 1% of that compressed air type.

security mesh welding machine

This security mesh welding machine uses intelligent control. Welding time and separate controlled welding current are controlled by the digital display HMI. It has advantages of high control precision, stable performance, solid welding points without welding marks. Our welding machine is of fast welding speed as well as easy operation.

With the features and advantages above, if you are interested in our Security mesh welding machine, and would like to cooperate with us, please do not hesitate to write to our mailbox: sales@hbhscn.com. Welcome to China and visit our factory.

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