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Panel Machine Self Diagnosis Method


The production of panel machine is very large, many worker in wall manufacturers that are take turns posts, panel machine does not stop, thus giving some burden for the device, it is inevitable to appear some minor problems. If skilled workers should operate, you can check the cause of the malfunction by way of the self-test, and timely solve the problem.

First, supporting facilities are loose, usually, maintenance work of partition board equipment has not been done, which tend to lead to some supporting facilities loose, under normal circumstances, sound and vibration of panel machine usually have some different, as well as the impact of heat, deformation and other factors, wear is faster, it is easy to loosen. If the partition board equipment happens this case, we should tighten the device immediately, If loose serious, we should replace parts timely.

Second, the equipment is not running smoothly. Partition board equipment is powered by the power supply, the general production is 360V and 220V two kinds, each partition board machine will be supported by the motor and power distribution boxes, if the motor lubrication is not good, cause not run smoothly, this situation can be resolved to contact the manufacturer.

Third, the interface appears leakage. This is mainly due to the aging of the partition board equipment, some parts will loose because a lot of work and operation for a long time, there will be leakage, if device appears leakage situation, we should clean up leakage timely and can not ignore, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and burden.

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