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Main points of selecting 3D panel machine


Main point of selecting 3D panel machine

1. You should consider it is a  production line, will serve you for very long time and bring good profit for you. So we should put the quality and performance on the priorities.

2.How to consider the equipment standard?

1) Performance and quality is the first.

Performance and quality index includes the following factors:
Final product quality, output, failure rate, service life, labor number and labor intensity(i.e. automation grade), if the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

1-1) Product quality
It means EPS 3D Wall Panel quality here. It includes geometric size, welding point strength, failure welding rate, flatness and appearance of the 3D panels. These factors will affect the construction quality, it must meet all the requirement of SW system, also it should be competitive with the product in the same line.We should value these points.

Geometric size: Besides length and width, it also includes the distance between EPS and welded mesh,diagonal tolerance.

Welding point strengthIt will affect the building quality. If it can not meet the  standard or strength can not be guaranteed, it will lead much trouble for your wall panel quality .

Welding failure rateIf the welding point is failure,  it will require workers to repair .It will take time and labor. Vertical 3D panel machine has its own secrete technology on reducing welding failure rate, and this technology has been got patent in China.

3D panel flatnessIt is very important. It can reduces or avoids the cracking of the wall after shotcreting.It will make your products have advantage comparing with other same product in the market. For 5cm (EPS core) 3D panels, you stand it on the ground, it does not fall, then it is a good 3D panel . It is not that every 3D panel machine can make good quality product, only high precision equipment can do.

Appearance : If bad appearance, construction quality person will reject. . Good appearance make everyone happy!

1-2) Output : It means producing quantity in the unit-time. The output enhance 30% than the same line of other competitors. It not only reduces worker’s intensity ,but also reduce the production cost.

1-3) Failure rate: If big failure rate, you have to maintenance and adjust every day, it can not meet the fast delivery time for the construction project,also that means to added production cost .

1-4) Automation grade: At least less 3 labors than horizontal type 3D panels.For horizontal type 3D panel machine, at least additional 2 workers put the mesh and EPS panel in the frame and fix well another 1 worker to move the frame on the table of 3D panel machine.

1-5) More convenience for maintenance of vertical structure than horizontal structure. For horizontal type, sometimes you have to go under the machine to do.Reducing the maintenance and adjusting time, it is better.

1-6) Vertical type 3D panel machine occupy smaller place than horizontal type, it can save the cost of unit workshop.

1-7)Besides the above points, you should also consider good after sales service etc.

2) Before you buy the machine from factory , you should know if their machine has Infringement of patent rights to others! If the machine has the copy or patent infringement  , it will be not safe for you!

Thank you for taking time to read this article. Hope it can help you to have a correct judgement and good selection! Comparing the price is  meaningful only on the base of same performance and quality.

Welcome to contact us for get more information about EPS 3D wall panel and 3D panel machine!

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