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EPS 3D Wall Panel

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EPS 3D wall Panel

EPS 3D wall Panel

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As an EPS 3D panel machine manufactuer, we show following knowledge for a good understanding about EPS 3D panel before you order a machine .

EPS 3D wall panel(also named Reinforced EPS  panel) Structure
It consists of an expanded polystyrene panel(usually called EPS panel) sandwiched between two pc of zinc coated welded reinforcing mesh of high tensile wire,diagonal wire and self-extinguishing EPS panel manufactured in factory and shotcrete is applied to the panel assembled at the construction site, which gives the bearing capacity of the structure.

The zinc coated welded mesh connected piercing polystyrene with truss of steel wire, welded to the welded mesh at an angle. It gives a rigidity spatial structure, and 
simultaneously prevents polystyrene core shifting.

EVG 3D Panel Structure

Technical Specifications about  Reinforced  EPS 3D  panel

Raw material

1. Galvanized steel wire for both welded wire mesh and Connector diagonal wire

    1) Min zinc coating should be of 60gm/m2

2) Mechanical characteristics

   Tensile Strength (2.0mm  diameter) :880N/mm2

   Tensile Strength(2.5mm  Diameter): 800N/mm2

   Tensile Strength (3.0mm diameter): 700N/mm2

   Elongation : >8%

  3) Chemical characteristics

C :0.14-0.22%

Mn: 0.30-0.65%

Si: ≤0.30%

S: ≤0.050

P: ≤0.045

2. Galvanized welded wire mesh

   For 3m x 1.2m ( L x W) x (50 x50mm) , the length of  two diagonal lines  tolerance should be ≤3mm

  Welding point strength: ≥1000N/point

3. Expanded Polystyrene Panel---Self-extinguishing type.Density ranging 15kg/m3 to 20kg/m3.

 EPS 3D wall panel common size

Product name



Welded mesh

Wire diameter



50*50mm or 50*100mm


1250mm or 1200mm



EPS panel








Same with the length  welded mesh


Distance between EPS

and welded mesh


Truss wire

Wire dia


Joint type

Lap joint

Other special size and type EPS 3D panel machine can be customized according to customer's requirement. Do you want to buy  EPS 3D Panel Production line? Get quotation!

EPS 3D Wire Mesh panel

How do I caculate EVG 3D panel(steel wire mesh EPS 3D  panel) raw material cost?


Raw material/m2

Wire dia:2.0mm


Welded wire mesh

  Gal. Wire 1.0kg/m2

Double side mesh


EPS thickness 100mm

Density :15kg/m3

1.5kg EPS raw material

Diagonal wire


Approx 0.7kg/m2

Use the above quantity multiply by the unit price, we can get the raw material cost.

 Other specifications and know more about the cost analysis , pls contact us.

Know more about EPS 3D panel 

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EPS block (Panel) Production Line and production process

3D Panel production line and production process

We should use which tools for 3D Panel building sytem

EPS 3D wire mesh panel machine working video

Quality galvanized steel wire is a main factor for producing good quality EPS 3D wire welding panel.We supply turn key project,have our own  galvanized wire and its quality is guaranteed.

Straighten steel wire guarantee the flatness of the welded mesh, so that no crack of the 3D welded wire mesh wall panel.

So a good  steel wire straighten & cutting machine is necessary!

As a professional resistance welding specialist, our engineer can design and guarantee various kinds of welded mesh  is flatten and good welding quality!

Of course, the most important thing is a quality 3D panel machine! It can save space, save labor, reduce the failure welding rate, guarantee top quality 3D panel producing!

EPS 3D wire panel machine is our most featured products. If you want to set up an EPS 3D wire mesh wall panel factory , if you want to source 3D wire wall panel machine factory from China, if you want to know the estimate investment for the full EPS 3D panel production line, pls write to us sales@hbhscn.com . We shall support with more than 10 years experiences! Our rich experience is the guarantee of your success! 

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