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EPS 3D panel


EVG 3D panel is a Three Dimensional Lightweight Structural Panel . It consists of  insulation EPS  panel between two layer of welded mesh.The truss wire(galvanized wire) pierce completely through the EPS panel and welded to each side of welded mesh.

EPS 3D panel has various types:

For the common type, the EPS thickness is 50 to 120mm and EPS surface is flat.

EVG 3D panel

For some extremely cold (hot) area, they use 200mm thickness EPS panel as the core of 3D panel.

200mm EPS 3D panel

We can also cut the EPS  surface to  “U” or “V” type for putting rebar, so that the EPS 3D panel can be as lightweight load bearing wall panel.

load-bearing ligh weight EPS 3D wall panel

Also for some customers special requirement, we can customize the 3D mesh panel machine.For example, this is one set 3 layer mesh 3D panel machine.

3 Layer welded mesh EPS 3D Panel

We are professional manufacturer for EPS (or XPS)3D panel machine in China.We can customize the EPS 3D panel machine according to different customer’s requirement.  We have our own patent for this machine and supply turn-key project  from workshop design, commissioning the machine ,training your workers, quality galvanized wire etc.

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