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About concrete block machine


Concrete block machine can produce different concrete blocks, such as hollow concrete block, solid concrete brick, ceramic brick, burn-free brick, interlock brick, paver,concrete retaining wall block  etc. We can use one set machine to produce by changing different molds.

hollow core concrete block

clay brick

habiterra block

habiterra interlock brick

concrete retaining wall block

The concrete block is usually made by the following material: cement, sand, stone powder, fly ash, clinker, slag, water etc. After mixing, conveying, and vibrating in different mold, these  material will become various types brick.

Our concrete block machine include hydraulic egg laying concrete block machine, hydraulic stationary concrete block machine,movable brick machine, concrete retaining wall block making machine, Habiterra block machine manual and automatic clay brick machine etc.

automatic hollow core concrete block machine

concrete retaining wall block cutting machine

concrete brick mold

clay brick machine

As one stop supplier of inexpensive concrete block making equipment, we can meet different requirements according to customer’s requirement, whatever you are in limited financial resources or high output requirement.

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