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how to build ICF block house


1. Drawing design

According to the use of the building owner, do the drawing design.

ICF block house drawing

2. Foundation trenching

According to the drawing design, do the foundation planning, dig the groove according to the foundation line, and place the horizontal steel cage in the dug groove, and reserve the vertical Toward rebar .

house foundation trenching

3. Ram the foundation .

4.Pouring concrete

(1) After the reinforcing cage placed in the groove is fixed, the concrete can be poured.

(2) During the pouring process, it is necessary to be poured while using the vibrating rod to vibrate, so that the concrete can be well settled and better combined with the steel bar, so that the structure of the house is firmer.

how to build ICF block house

5.Bonding ICF Block

(1) After the concrete of the foundation is solidified, the ICF block can be bonded to the outside of the vertical steel cage according to the size standard of the foundation. The ICF block should be firmly bonded and kept at the same level.

(2) After the bonding is completed, it is necessary to place horizontal reinforcing bars inside the ICF block, and also to reserve vertical reinforcing bars.

ICF block house construction process

6. Filling the interior of the ICF block with concrete

(1) When ICF block is inserted into the 2-3 layer, the concrete is poured inside the ICF block. Please vibrate the concrete while pouring , then ICF block is bonded, the transverse steel bars are placed, the vertical steel bars are reserved, and the concrete is poured.

(2) Repeated work has to be done until one level is finished.

Insulated Concrete Form block House constuction process

7. Put the top ICF  module .

After one layer is finished, we should put top plate ICF module. Traditional template way can be also used while pouring.

8. Continue to build template.

1) After the floor slab is placed, continue to build the template.The 2nd layer should be constructed according to the method of the 1st layer.

2) After setting up the ICF module, put steel rebar mesh on the top template . Then make concrete pouring . The thickness of the pouring should be about 8-10 cm.

ICF block house

9. Interior and Exterior plastering work

After the construction of ICF block is finished, the plastering work on the inner and outer wall can be carried out.The end of the plastering work means the rough house of ICF block is completed.

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The above content is for reference only and is not used as a basis for construction. Please consult your local construction engineer during construction.

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