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Icf wall insulating concrete form wall

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ICF House

ICF House

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ICF  WALL(Insulated Concrete Form Wall)

ICF block

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form. They are interlocking blocks made of polystyrene which are assembled, then reinforced with vertical and horizontal rebar and pumped with concrete to form the most durable, comfortable and energy efficient shell possible for your home or commercial building. The forms lock together somewhat like Lego bricks and serve to create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building.

What specifications of ICF block can you supply?

ICF block type Specifications EPS Density
900 Straight type 900*300*250(60+60+130) 20-30kg/m3
300 Straight type 300*300*250
Corner type (725+725)*300*250
Corner type (425+425)*300*250
Window wicket 130*300*50
T type 1200/175*300*250
T type 600/475*300*250
Floor plate 900*300/180*250
Floor corner plate (425+425)*300/180*250

If I want to build an ICF  house, can I get all the ICF blocks from you?

Yes, just send us your ICF Autocad drawing for the ICF house that you want to build,we’ll calculate the full ICF block quantity and cost for you.

Does your ICF block have any testing report?

Yes, we have. The test report is as follows for your reference.

ICF block Sample 1, density: 20kg/m3

Item No. Testing items Standard requirement Testing result Evaluation      Result
1 Apparent Density KG/M2 19-21 20.5 Qualified
2 Compressive strength        Mpa ≥0.14 0.14 Qualified
3 Thermal Conductiviry      W/(m.K) ≤0.037 0.031 Qualified
4 Size stability % L ≤0.3 0.2 Qualified
W 0.2
H 0.2
5 Water vapor Permeability        (ng/(Pa.m.s) ≤4 3.5 Qaulified
6 Water-absorption % ≤2 1.3 Qualified
7 Melting Property Break Bending load N ≥30 36 Qualified
Bending deformation      mm ≥20 22
8 Oxygen Index % ≥30 37.4 Qualified
9 Tensile Strength Mpa ≥0.2 0.26 Qualified

Sample 2,  density: 30kg/m3

Item No. Testing items Standard requirement Testing result Evaluation    Result
1 Apparent Density KG/M2 29-31 30.7 Qualified
2 Compressive strength       Mpa ≥0.20 0.24 Qualified
3 Thermal Conductiviry    W/(m.K) ≤0.033 0.029 Qualified
4 Size stability % L ≤0.3 0.1 Qualified

W 0.3 0.2

H 0.3 0.2
5 Water vapor Permeability      (ng/(Pa.m.s) ≤4 3.2 Qaulified
6 Water-absorption % ≤2 1.8 Qualified
7 Melting Property Break Bending load N ≥40 51 Qualified

Bending deformation    mm ≥20 20
8 Oxygen Index % ≥30 36.3 Qualified
9 Tensile Strength Mpa ≥0.3 0.32 Qualified

How to assembling ICF house?

ICF block

ICF block warehouse

To assembling ICF house is simple. You just stack the blocks like legos,  one on top of the other, interlocking.

Inside the block, put rebar for reinforcement then pour concrete.

The concrete fills the void and creates the structure of the building, and acts as a vapor barrier.  The foam stays on as the insulation.  And the black webbing is designed to be used as a fastening strip for attaching siding and drywall.  It really is a slick system and you end up with a super insulated wall.

How to do Electrical and plumbing in ICF wall system ?

Use EPS hot knife to cut the EPS foam to a frame, then put the electrical box.

Use EPS hot gun to make groove for putting wire cable  or plumbing.

Advantage of ICF building system

(Insulated Concrete Form building system)

1.Lower Energy Bills


3.Superior Fire resistance

4.Very high R-Values - up to R-40 

5.Sound insulation ,peace and quiet

6.Insect resistant - termites don't eat concrete or styrofoam

7.Air transfer rate

8.Less Repair & Maintenance

9.Construction Made Simple.Fast to learn, easy to use,labour saving.

About ICF block production line, kindly refer the following link:

ICF block production line, please yrefer http://www.hbhscn.com/icf-block-production-line_p64.html
Batch type EPS pre-expander please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/batch-type-eps-pre-expander_p65.html
ICF block machine, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/icf-block-molding-machine_p69.html
Auxiliary system for ICF production line, please refer http://www.hbhscn.com/tools-used-in-icf-building-system_p70.html

ICF block machine manufactuer workshop, please refer pls refer http://www.hbhscn.com/workshop/eps-3d-panel-machine-icf-block-machine-workshop_nc3


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