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Which roll forming machines can be used in greenhouse building?


In the greenhouse building, we should use the following machines:

1. Greenhouse hoop bending machine.  It can process different types steel: round tube, square pipe,  elliptical tube, steel channel etc.  We just input the processing specifcations and processing number, automatic processing will be done.

2. Greenhouse tube reducer. Sometimes while we connect pipes, we should reduce one end diameter of the tube, so that it can insert the other tube smoothly.

3. Tube punching machine. It is used for flattening and hole punching at the end of the steel tube. After punching, it can be connected with other tubes by screws.

4.Small “C” purlin roll forming machine.If you don’t use steel tube, you may use steel strip to make small “C” channel . It is also used for greenhouse building and its has bigger strength than Steel tube .

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