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Which factors do affect the price of the steel roll forming machine?


1. Driving system

Do you know which factors affect the steel roll forming machine prices?

The steel roll forming machine can make different steel shapes, like C channel , U channel,Z channel and floor deck etc.

1.Good quality steel roll forming machine is Gear box as driving system(There are bearings and gears in the box);general quality steel roll forming machine use chain driving sytem.

steel roll forming machine

2. Roller fixing part

Good cold roll forming machine use Special steel frame for each roller ,the general cold roll forming machine just use one big steel plate for the full machine .

steel roll forming machinery

3.  The material of roller

Good roller use good mold steel. Bad quality roller use 45# steel and chrome-plated.

4. Different heating treatment process

Good steel roll forming machine use vacuum hardening, the general ones use salt-bath quenching or even if no treatment . The vacuum hardening can make the steel with higher strength, higher hardness, high toughness and corrosion resistance , add the service life etc.

5. Different steel plate thickness

Some steel base use 30mm thickness steel plate, some steel base is 18mm steel plate even if less than 18mm. Big thickness steel plate can make the machine has a stable  base ,guarantee the higher precision of the processing product and very long service life.

cold roll forming machine

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