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Which factors affect the welding quality of 3D panel(tridi panel)?


Sometimes we usually see there are failure welding points on the 3D panels.Usually the following factors  will lead welding failure:

1. While the diagonal wire inserts the EPS panel, some small EPS scrap will jam the Galvanized wire  contact  surface, that will lead welding failure.

2. If the galvanized wire is electro galvanized and there is rust, two galvanized wire cannot be touched well, that will also lead welding failure.

3. If  the tensile strength of  the  galvanized wire is not enough, while insert the EPS, the galvanized wire will be bent, so it  can  not be welded  well.

4. The welding failure also has relation with the EPS panel quality.

For the above failure welding points, we should use spot-welding machine to weld them again to guarantee the quality of the 3D panels.

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