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Which Factors Can Influence Light Weight Wall Panel's Soundproof Effect?


Today I would like to introduce the factors that can influence the light weight wall panel's soundproof effect. Following are the four points:

Light Weight Wall Panel

Firstly, is the factor of light weight wall panel’s wall structure. The more compact light weight wall panel is, the better the soundproof effect is. Compact soundproof material can effectively prevent the sound transmission. Some of the wall panel materials’ selection is double-layer wall structure. There is a certain thickness' hollow space between double-layer wall and add EPS material into the hollow space of light weight partition wall panel, so that it can greatly improve the soundproof effect of wall panel.

Secondly, is the factor of material. Light weight partition wall panel’s different material also has different performance. Adding foam particles or ceramsites into the foamed concrete type or slurry can shows the best effect. Furthermore, compared with low surface density, high surface density is better in soundproof effect, because single-layer uniform light weight partition wall panel’s sound transmission loss is proportional to the unit area of the building. With each doubling of surface density, the sound transmission loss will increase 4-5 times.

Thirdly, is the factor of wall panel’s thickness used during constructing. In order to reduce the cost, some companies choose to use minimum thickness of the partition panel at where need to build a very thick wall, so that the soundproof effect is greatly reduced.

Finally, is the factor of builder’s operating level. Light weight partition wall panel itself is of excellent soundproof effect, but the builder is lack of professional skill or not in accordance with normal operating process while constructing, it will cause the gap between the wall panels, and can’t connect tightly, and finally have to use sealant to fill the gap..

During the process of applying lightweight wall panel, it should be chosen in accordance with the different construction’s different requirements in soundproof effect. And during the installation process, it should strictly control the builder’s operating procedures, and strictly regulate to constructing technique, then it can ensure the light weight wall panel play the best soundproof effect.

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