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CNC Foam Cutting Machine Structure


As requirements from clients, we’ll explain the structure of CNC foam cutting machine.

Multi Layer Foam Cutter

CNC foam cutting machine we provide has advantages of compact structure and convenient operation as follows:

1. Mechanical part:

Mechanical part includes: Machine body, two X axis slip way ( Horizontal walking), two Y axis slip way( Vertical walking).

2. Brief introduction of electrical part:

The electrical part is mainly to receive the computer's instruction and to amplify the signal then drive the motor to rotate.

Mainly includes following parts: control panel, driver, motor and power supply.

3. Software programming part:

Based on CAD which is a global wide applied system platform. It is simple to operate and practical. Only if there is a general

two-dimensional drawing basis, it will take very short time to master how to operate. Four steps below:

Use CAD to make sample drawing

Save as DXF file.

Control software import the file, adjust the parameter and layout.

Debugging and cutting.

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