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How to maintain EPS foam CNC cutting machine?


Today I would like to share how to maintain EPS foam CNC cutting machine. Following are the 8 tips:

Multi Wire CNC Foam Cutter

1.The EPS CNC cutting machine should keep clean.

2.The equipment control room shall not store foam.

3.The computer shall not use the software that has no relationship with cutting.

4.Indoor should keep good and clean environment.

5.If the electric hot wire often broke, please check if the voltage is too high, hot wire is too thin or hot wire is too tight.

6.In the cutting process, when changing the right angle into round angle, please check if the hot wire is too loose, if the cutting speed is too fast or voltage is too low.

7.After cutting, if both ends’ section sizes of the mold(or workpiece) are of much differences, please check whether the mechanical transmission parts are loose.

8.If the mold size is of big tolerance, maybe caused by hot wire voltage and cutting speed coordinate improperly or inappropriate incision.

Some people may ask why we should maintain the machine? Because machine just like human being. We should drink and eat everyday to keep energetic, so does machine. So regular maintenance machine is beneficial to prolong its service life.

If you still feel puzzled about our EPS CNC cutting machine, please write to sales@hbhscn.com. Very welcome to visit our plant.

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