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Core Advantages of CNC Cutting Machine


This CNC foam cutting machine adopts electric hot wire to complete foam cutting. Two X axis and two Y axis are controlled by computer to cut and process according to the predetermined trajectory.

Thermocol Foam Cutter

Compared with traditional manual copying cutting system, our CNC foam cutting machine has following advantages:

1. The degree of precision and repetition of the production is not dependent on the operator’s proficiency level.

2. The loss caused by operator’s fatigue or failure is completely eradicated.

3. Small labor intensity and high production efficiency.

4. No need to repair and storage model, greatly reducing cost.

5. Com1puter automatic control cutting, reducing the waste.

6. Design modification, sample-making, trajectory generated automatically and cutting the work-piece, all can be completed by one set of equipment.

7. Due to the use of switching power supply, the cutting voltage is completely separated from the 220V. It avoid the employee from electric shock.

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