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Welding Principle of Resistance Welding Machine


Resistance welding is a method to tightly compress the welded workpiece between the two electrodes, and apply an electric current, then the workpiece will be heated to a molten or plastic state by resistance thermal effect generated by the electric current flowing through the contact surface of the workpiece and the adjacent area, then the metal will be formed.

brick reinforcing mesh welding machine

The main method of resistance welding machine:

1.Spot welding

2.Seam welding

3.Projection welding

4.Butt welding

The resistance welding machine belongs to the spot welding, which can be divided into C type single head welding machine, C type multi head welding machine and Longmen type multi head welding machine. The welding electorde is the square shape, and the upper and lower electrodes are the plane contact, besides, resistance welding machine can welding multi spot or a row. But such machines generally can't be moved, so only can weld by moving the workpiece.

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