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What's the Features of Resistant Welding Machine?


Recently, many of our clients show great interest of our resistance welding machine. It is a type of welded mesh machine. What's the features of resistance welding machine? Today I'd like to give a brief introduction.

resistance welding machine

1.The upper electrode adopts the cylinder pressure, the pressure adjustment is convenient and accurate.

2.Can uniformly complete multi spot welding just for one time.

3.The drop and rising speed of the pressure head can be adjusted freely.

4.Secondary conductor adopts the upper insulation mode, and the insulation performance is very stable and reliable.

5.Main circuit adopts high-power thyristors, and the output power is strong, stable and reliable.

6.The operation is controlled by the foot switch, with high productivity and low labor intensity.

7.Suitable for welding metal mesh and mesh enclosure.

With the features above, is our resistance welding machine meet your requirements? If yes, please write to sales@hbhscn.com. It will be our great pleasure to be on service of you in near future.

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