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The Advantages of Our New type EPS CNC Cutting Machine


Today I would like to introduce the advantages of our newly researched and developed EPS CNC cutting machine, we also can call it CNC foam cutting machine.

1.Changing the previous Chain Transmission Mode into Most Advanced Synchronous Sliding Table Transmission Mode. Using high-grade aluminum profile as foundation, after precision process and combination, then a complete machine finished. The appearance of our EPS CNC cutting machine is very concise and elegant. Not only that, the cutting precision is a great breakthrough, the error range is less than 0.5 mm.Even used in Lost Foam processing is more than sufficient.

2.Changing the past drawbacks that only can be controlled by computer, our control system is PLC control. There’s a USB interface on the Electric Control Cabinet, so that the users can directly insert the U Disk into USB interface, and transfer the file from PLC, then operate directly. Or users can install several USB interface on the same computer, then link the data line from computer to the Electric Control Cabinet directly, so that one computer can control multiple EPS CNC cutting machines’ operating at the same time.

3.While using Electric wire tensioning device for the first time, users can adjust tension degree of the electric heating wire, to prevent the electric heating wire’s thermal expansion and contraction problem affecting the cutting precision. Especially when cutting a long work-piece, the electric heating wire is easy to be deformed because of heating up.

4.Our EPS CNC cutting machine can cut 11 work-pieces of same shape at the same time, the cutting accuracy are also greatly improved.

Our machine can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Besides, it is easy to disassemble and transport, very light and convenient. The most important is that we are the lowest price in the industry but the highest cost-effective for customers to create the largest profit space.

After reading the news, are u attracted by our most advanced EPS CNC cutting machine? If yes, please do not hesitate to write to us by sales@hbhscn.com. And sincerely welcome to visit our plant.

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