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Principle of CNC Foam Cutting Machine


CNC foam cutting machine, we also call it EPS CNC cutting machine, is far ahead in the same industry, and is the replacement product of original foam cutting machine. Following are the principles of CNC foam cutting machine.

CNC foam Cutting Machine

1. CNC foam cutting machine is mainly used for cutting foam board, dovetail groove, saw groove, trapezoidal groove etc., such as cutting European style building eaves, foot line, the Rome column, and various shapes of color steel sandwich foam and so on. All the 2D drawings can be cut. Using CNC foam cutting machine can save time, labor and raw material.

2. The main frame of CNC foam cutting machine is made of rectangular steel pipe and connected by various kinds of special connections. It can move stably and has reasonable structure, stable performance, high precision, advanced technology, simple operation and reasonable price.

3. Adopting stepper motor. It can move stably, adjust speed freely and is suitable for cutting special drawing that need to keep changing speed. And the mechanical control precision is 0.05mm.

4. Voltage regulation: Our machine equipped with a 3KW transformer. Through electronic voltage regulation, the output voltage range is from 0V to 70V adjustable.

5. Adopting advanced computer control system, can directly draw a variety of drawings on the computer, then input to the console and directly cut. Users also can use U Disk to input the pattern or text' 3B code into the console and then directly cut.

After reading the CNC Foam Cutting Machine principles above, if you are interested in our machine or you still want to know more information, please do not hesitate to write to us by sales@hbhscn.com.

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