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Points for 3D Panel Production Line Sourcing


3D panel production line consist of wire-straighten & cutting machine, welded mesh machine, diagonal wire-inserting machine, electric control cabinet ,mesh-repairing machine and mesh bending machine(Optional).

While select 3D panel machines, we should pay attention to which points?

1.The welded mesh machine must be easy to learn for operating.

2.The welded mesh panel must be flat. Usually while the length is 3m, width is 1.2m, the difference of two diagonal line should be less than 3mm. So that we can guarantee the welded mesh panel is suitable for producing 3D panels.

3.The welded point failure rate should be very less to reduce the worker’s work of mesh repairing.

4.Good after sales service is very important!

More details, pls write to my by sales@hbhscn.com

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