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Main factors can affect the quality of Lightweight partition wall panel


Hollow core slab, EPS concrete sandwich wall panel and any other types of lightweight wall panel has commonly used as construction material. It brings a lot of benefits to our building materials’ innovation, energy saving and environmental protection. How to produce quality lightweight wall panel becomes more and more important. Today I’d like to introduce the main factors that can affect the quality of lightweight partition wall panel as following:

lightweight partition wall panel

1. Selection of raw material: the raw materials' ratio and quality can directly affect the light wall panels'quality.

2. Technical level of production personnel: In the production process, there are many sections need people to control, so experiences and sense of responsibility plays a very important role.

3. Constructing method: Whether the construction scheme is reasonable and the operation method is correct or not will affect the quality of the lightweight wall panel.

4. Production equipment: Reliable hydraulic system, mature and stable vibration and compression forming technology and transmission system are the important factors to ensure the quality of products.

5. Maintenance condition: Some plants ignore the maintenance of the finished products. The product is stored in the inappropriate temperature and humidity conditions, not only reducing the strength of the lightweight partition panel, but also causing the crack or warp of the panel.

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