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Why our light weight wall panel machine is unique in China?


Our light weight wall panel machine, also named hollow core slab machine, is unique in China. Why?

1. Patent

We have patent for the Stainless steel light wall panel machine in China. The mold surface is stainless steel, no need the use oil or de-molding agent while de-moulding,it can save production time and labor cost.


In the full production line, while the light weight wall panel making machine walking, it is usually connected to the power cable. If any water or breakage for the power cable, it will leak electricity, and that will lead safety accident. But our machine has no problem, machine walking is by other way, absolutely safe.

3.Unique sealing system.

In the production, if the mortar is leak , it will be a big problem. Our machine use unique design to make the mortar no any leakage.

4.Perfect after-sales service .

We supply not only good after sales service for the machine, but also give you formulation for the raw material for free.

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