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Information of Coal Mine Support Mesh Welding Machine


Coal mine support mesh welding machine is a type of welded mesh machine. Today we'd like to introduce some detailed information about it.

welded mesh machine for coal mine support mesh

Application: Producing mesh that used as coal mine support under the shaft.

Welding diameter: 4-7mm.

Mesh size: maximum 2m*6m(Special size can be customized)

Performance and characteristics:

1. Powered by the motor.

2. Adopts Synchronous control technique. The split control welding and welding time are controlled by the PLC digital programming system.

3. Input panel is divided into two types: touch screen and button, so its operation is more intelligent and reasonable.

What's more, it also has the characteristics of one-time compaction and split welding. The machine's welding power is by electric. It adopts stepping motor hopper.

With the information above, if our coal mine support mesh welding machine meets your requirements, please do not hesitate to write to us, high quality and best service are guaranteed.

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