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Haosen recruit suspended platform sales agent


Electric Suspended Platform

Suspended Platform (падвешаная платформа) is one of our featured products!

The full processing of suspended working platform (also named Swing Stage Scaffold) is Platform processing( steel tube cutting---hole punching---welding,sand blasting for removing the rust, painting---drying), assembling electronic parts , quality checking,packing.

It is mainly used for decorating and construction of the external wall of high -rise building (like paint working, glass cleaning,wall plastering,  wall putty, repair and maintenance of the wall ,chimney, dams etc).

suspended working platform

As a China top brand construction suspended platform system manufacturer, Haosen export high quality suspended working platform and other heavy construction equipment all over the world, also we have our own overseas office in Panama, India, Dominican Republic. We export 5 x 40’ FCL every month with quality products and attractive price! In order to expand the export of suspended scaffolding , Haosen recruit sales agent all over the world! The interested customer , pls contact us for more cooperation details!

Our website:www.hbhscn.com.

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