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Features Of Color Steel Sandwich Panel


Color steel sandwich panel is becoming more and more famous to widely construction clients as its wonderful quality in any difficult situation. Today we’ll show you features of color steel sandwich panel.

Color steel sandwich panel is a type of ultra-light construction panel with the surface material of black and white insulation layer, made by self-extinguishing EPS, polyurethane, rock wool sandwich material, heated and pressurized with thermo-cured adhesive in forming machine. It has features of light weight (1/20~1/30 of concrete roof weight), good isolation (conductivity is 0.034 W/mk), quick dynamic soil progress (without humid work and second decoration, earth cycle keeping above 40%), bright color (without nominal whitewash, protected by black and white galvanized color steel panel anticorrosive coating for 15~30 years). Color steel sanewich panel is a kind of newly capacity and supporting structure material with advantages in bearing, keeping fresh, water resistant and decoration.

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