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Features of CNC Foam Cutting Machine


CNC Foam Cutting Machine is used to cut materials as the special shape from CAD drawings. With another name, EPS CNC Shape Cutting Machine, we can imagine products with many kinds of beautiful shapes.

EPS products cut by CNC hot wire foam cutter

We’ll talk about the features of CNC Foam Cutting Machine to clear the confusion:

1.The machine makes use of controlling the X-axis and Y-axis to combine them into a graph. At the same time, the resistance wire is used to cut all kinds of EPS products. Its operation route is to make use of the graphics inputted into the computer, and automatically sends impulse signals to control the X and Y axes.

2.Two methods: to directly use Auto-CAD to draw or to scan the graphics and then input them into the computer;

3.The Single-Wire CNC Shape Cutting Machine is applicable to cutting products with big volumes or in small numbers;

4.The Multiple-Wire CNC Shape Cutting Machine is applicable to cutting products with small volumes or in large quantities. The Resistance Wire Cutting System can use 20 resistance wires at the same time, after inputting the graphics into the computer all the resistance wires can run in parallel, and can cut 20 complicated 2D (two-dimensional) shapes per each cutting.

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