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EPS/Concrete Sandwich panel production way


EPS/concrete sandwich panel can be made by different machines.
1.Simpler and cheaper EPS foam coating machine production video https://youtu.be/olf3tTq0Ajk
While we use this machine to coating the concrete, it is one side by one side.
2. EPS/Concrete sandwich panel production line video https://youtu.be/Lf9YCqfvbb4
For this machine, we can put concrete and fiberglass cloth up and down of the EPS panel by one time. For this machine, the video that we show to you is the economic type. It also has full automatic type.
3.We can also use EPS/concrete molding machine to produce https://youtu.be/n6ccTXOkfuE

Tell us the specifications and daily output that you want, we’ll design suitable proposal for you.

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