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Envelope of the Solid lightweight wall panel


Calcium Silicate Board is usually as the envelope of the EPS /concrete solid light weight wall panel.

lightweiht wall panel

It has the following features:


Calcium silicate board has excellent waterproof performance. It can maintain the stability of performance, will not expand or deformation even if in the bathroom and other high humidity place.

2.High strength

The calcium silicate board is of high strength. The strength of 6mm thickness board is much more than that of ordinary paper surface gypsum board with 9.5mm thickness. Calcium silicate board wall is solid and reliable, not easy to be damaged and ruptured.

3.Dimensional stability

Calcium silicate board adopts advanced formula and production process under strict quality control. Also, the board's wet expansion rate and dry shrinkage rate are also controlled in the most ideal range.

4.Heat insulation and sound insulation

Calcium silicate board has good performance of heat insulation. 10 thickness partition wall's heat insulation perperformance is obviously better than common brick wall, and is of good sound insulation effect at the same time.

5.Long service life

Calcium silicate board is of stable performance, resistance to acid and alkali, not easy to be corroded, so it has long service life.

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