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Design Of Steel Roll Forming Machine


In this paper, through the analysis of the working principle of steel roll forming machine, we can determine the design scheme, complete the raw materials began rolling into the molding process in the production equipment of the mechanical part of screws, bolts, bearings and other standard parts selection, motor power calculation and motor selection, roll design.

color steel roll forming machine

Steel plate is coated with color or color film through the pressure plate rolling and cold-bending into various wave patterns. Widely used in industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, large span steel structure housing walls, roof. Tile forming equipment is also called steel roll forming machine which is a lottery, raw materials such as first through two pairs of straightening roller, forward movement through a row of tandem roller molding, in order to slowly bend, finally forming roll plastic processing equipment of plate rolling into the section shape required. When the coil through the device, we operate the straightening roller straightening function, pressing roller compaction depth, shaping roller be suppressed to wave type, shape and determine its section shape, the length measuring device for measuring coil length, control system of shearing machine shearing, to achieve automatic control, to complete production information management.

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