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advantage of Pre-cut wire system for vertical 3D panel machine


3D wire mesh panel machine has two  method for the diagonal galvanized wire feeding. One is by pre-cutting type(The diagonal galvanized wire is pre-cut and straighten by another wire-straighten cutting machine before they are inserted by 3D panel machine),the other type is continual feeding type(the diagonal galvanzied wire is directly feeding from the wire coil).

Comperatively speaking, pre-cutting type has more advantage:

1. Fast production speed

Because for the continual type, the diagonal galvanized wire is cut in 3D panel machine. Every row's diagonal wire need to cut. While it is cutting ,3D panel machine can not do other work. But for pre-cutting type, 3D panel machine directly welding the diagonal wire with welded mesh, no cutting action, so its working speed is faster.

2. Lower Skipping rate of welding point

For pre-cutting type 3D panel machine, the diagonal galvanized wire is feeded by hard steel guide tube, the inserting position is very precise. And on the back of the machine, there are pre-punching hole device,it guarantees the precise position of the diagonal galvanized wire coming out . On this base, the welding point-skipping rate is lower.

For continual feeding type 3D panel machine,no guiding device and no the back pre-punching hole device, the diagonal wire is easily to be moved while the EPS thickness is more than 100mm ,that can not guarantee the precise place of diagonal wire coming out, that will lead welding point skip.The welding point skipping rate is higher.

3. Easier Operation,reduce the adjusting time

While galvanized wire specification change

1) Pre-cutting type diagonal galvanzied wire type

While we change galvanized wire diameter, just require 1.5 hours.

A. Change wire-hoppers

While diagonal wire diameter and length are changed, we just change the wire hoppers. Discharge and installing action require approx 0.5hour,adjusting the place require 0.5hour. Total 1 hour. While EPS thickness is changed,adjust the welding holders, it takes 1 hour. Adjusting the hole-punching device from the back position , it requires 1 hour.

If we use two person, one person adjust the left side, the other person adjust the right side, it will take 1.5hours.

For continual feeding type, while we change diagonal wire diameter, we should adjust the wire-straighten rollers. 24 pcs diagonal wire, it has 48 pcs wire-straighten rollers.It requires to adjust the wire-straighten rollers usually.

Even if for the same diameter galvanized wire, the Tensile strength are different, we should also adjust the wire straighten rollers.

While we choose 3D panel production line, we should observe their working speed, welding quality, welding point skipping rate, easy opeartion etc.

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