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Advantage for the Vertical 3D Panel Machine


1. Diagonal wire pre-cutting before welding

Nowadays whatever horizontal structure or vertical structure 3D panel machine in the world, the diagonal wires are all continually feeded and cut after welding.

Only our system is diagonal wire pre-cut system.Firstly the diagonal wire pre-straighten and pre-cut to short wire, then put these short wire in the wire hopper ,then insert the EPS panel by the wire- inserting device,then welded to the welded mesh of both sides.

This technology has got national invention patent ,the main advantages are as follows:

1). Compact structure, small occupation room and foot;

2). Remove the diagonal wire-cutting system in the machine, enhance machine running speed, reduce the failure rate;

3).By using pre-cut system for diagonal wire, it can weld bigger size diagonal wire and bigger size 3D panels. In general while the diagonal wire diameter exceeds Φ3mm,it is difficulty for cutting and bigger failure rate. Our machine overcomes these weakness.

4).Diagonal wire cut in advance, it can avoid the disadvantage of cutting it while welding in the machine, give the diagonal wire bigger strength to insert the EPS panel.

5).It is better for the diagonal wire to be closer to the crossing welding point of the welded mesh,achieve nodes welding,which increases the mechnical property of the 3D panels.

2. It can continually produce,high productivity.

It is not like the horizontal type 3D panel machine ---one by one panel fixed in the frame before welding.

Vertical structure 3D panel machine works by rear plate push front plate,rear mesh push front mesh, the machine can run continually without stopping, the output is higher 30-40% than horizontal type.

3. The 3D panel length is not limited(even if it is more than 6m).It is not like the horizontal type 3D panel machine to fix the welded mesh and EPS panel in the frame (before welding)and the frame length is not possible for various length.

4. Easy operation and maintenance comparing with horizontal type 3D panel machine.Some maintenance should be done under the machine for the horizontal structure 3D panel machine, it is not convenience for observing and maintenance.

5. Smaller lack-welding rate than horizontal structure 3D panel machine

For the horizontal 3D panel machine, after diagonal wire inserting, EPS fragment falls down to the welding electrode, increase the welding failure rate.

Vertical 3D panel machine has no this problem . We set up pre-inserting system. Before diagonal wire insert the EPS panel from A side, Pre-inserting system finish the pre-inserting action,insert a hole from B side, so that the diagonal wire can be easily inserted from A side to B side and reduce the welding failure rate in B side.

6.Reduce labour cost and labour intensity without using frame to fix. To load and unload EPS panel and welded mesh in the frame, it has to use more labour and time. Vertical structure 3D panel machine doesn’t need this process.

7. High precision for the geometric size. Verticial 3D panel machine has precision for the positioning and clamping,the geometric size for the 3D panel is better.

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