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Haosen Recruits Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter Agent in the World


Haosen recruits hot wire CNC foam cutter agent in the world! If you have any interest , pls contact us by sales@hbhscn.com

Firstly let us know some knowledge about the Hot wire CNC foam cutter.

1. CNC hot wire foam cutter can process which materials?

Styrofoam, expanded polystyrene EPS, Extruded polystyrene XPS, Upholstery foam etc.

2. CNC hot wire foam cutter can cut which shapes?

Architectural shapes, Architectural scale models, Sign letters, Graphics, Pipe insulation, Columns, Some packing, some crafts, precast concrete molds etc.

3. Why use Styrofoam?

1) Low weight

2) Low price

3) Possibility to apply different coating (water-based paints, cement coatings, metal paint coatings etc.)

4) Ideal for outdoor and indoor works.

5) Long- term use.

If you want to know more about CNC foam cutter, kindly browse our website:


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