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About Graphite Polystyrene


EPS block has white and black type. But the EPS block machine is the same.

EPS block

For the black EPS block, it is made from Graphite polystyrene.

Graphite polystyrene has which characteristics?

Adding auxiliaries such as graphite and foaming agent to the raw material of polystyrene, forming a fireproof layer on the inner wall of the bubble wall by graphite, and preparing Neopor particles, which are made into modified polystyrene foam plate with closed cell structure through mold . Using the heat reflection of graphite, the thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation board is reduced from the traditional 0.041W/(mk) to 0.032W/(mk), and the flame retardant performance is superior to that of the ordinary thermal insulation board. It has the following characteristics: fire resistance to flame retardant B1 grade, stronger thermal insulation capacity, thermal conductivity 0.032W/(m·K). Graphite polystyrene (GEPS) features: good fire performance, low thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, weather resistance, good durability and vapor permeability.

Application of graphite polystyrene

(1) Conditions of high-quality graphite polystyrene board: First, the extrusion process produces; Second, the natural flake graphite content is 4.5%~5%, the thermal conductivity is low, the thermal insulation performance is stable, and the thermal conductivity is guaranteed to be 0.032W/(m). · K); Third, the net bulk density is 18~30kg/m3; the fourth is to break the foam particle section by 20%~30%, and the combustion performance is B1.

(2) Compared with ordinary EPS boards, graphite polystyrene boards have lower thermal conductivity and better durability and weather resistance. Whether in Europe or at home, graphite polystyrene is often chosen as a thermal insulation material for passive housing envelopes.

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