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How to Choose CNC Steel Tube (Pipe) Punching Machine


How to choose good CNC Steel Pipe Tube Punching Machine ?


1.  Good CNC control system has the following feature:


1) Safe

1-1) If wrong program ,there is error alarm.

1-2) While machine fault information, there is error code showing on the touch screen.

1-3)Thermal overload protection and voltage missing item protection.

2) Precision-----high precision for the hole distance +/-0.3mm.

3) Simple----No need professional engineer for programming, directly input relative number of the hole position.

4) Convenience----Single-sided Punching or Through Punching can be set.

5) Reliability , Stability----Common CNC control system has one year warranty;Good CNC control system is 5 years warranty.

6) Electrical Cabinet clean,tidy, arranged in a reasonable position, the contact is fastened  and reliable.


2. Hydraulic System is a huge micro-piping system, it affect the stable operation and quality of entire hydraulic system.


1) Professional Hydraulic manufacturer provide relevant diagrams for customers show this drawing to knowledge professional engineer to check the design capabilities of the hydraulic system.

2) Quality Hydraulic Components has greatly influence on the quality of entire hydraulic system.

The main components include : Hydraulic Motor, Oil Pump, Solenoid Valve,  Oil Circuit block and sealing element.

3) Good Hydraulic system should have reasonable layout and quality hydraulic components.


3. Servo Feeding System

1) Use good quality Servo Motor(but not stepper motor). High quality servo motor can guarantee precise ,fast and stable control. Good servo motor should be stable operation, no noise and vibration .

2) Servo drives (servo drives), also known as "servo controllers" and "servo amplifiers", are a kind of controller used to control servo motors. Its function is similar to that of inverters acting on ordinary AC motors, and it is a part of the servo system. Mainly used in high-precision positioning systems. Generally, the servo motor is controlled by three methods of position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system. It is a high-end product of transmission technology.

3) Linear Guide.

3-1) The diameter of the slide rail determines its load.

3-2) Stable linear guide ensure there is no problem for long time working .


4) Gear Rack

4-1) If the diameter is constant,the smaller modulus,the more number of the teeth, the higher degree of the coincidence.

4-2The mounting rack is processed through gantry CNC milling machine has good precision and straightness.


4. Machine frame must be accuracy and stability.

1) The wall thickness of the machine body has relation with the tube punching Specification. For the bigger piper, wall thickness of punching frame must be added accordingly.

2) All the load-bearing steel plate and machine frame steel plate should be stress-relieve treatment, annealed and processed by CNC machine center for guarantee no deform and more stable.

3) The L shaped steel for installing the linear rack must be precision milled to ensure the installation of linear slide and rack.


5. Punching Mold

Good punching mold should be easy to be installed and changing,no stuck while little tolerance of the steel pipe.


In brief, good CNC Steel tube punching machine should be stability, precision, long life using ,easy operation and maintenance.


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