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Why concrete block wall would crack?


There is concrete block wall crack phenomenon in our lives, and what is reasons?

1. Cause of raw materials.Concrete small hollow block is composed of crushed stone or pebble as coarse aggregate.At the same time block has shrinkage important characteristic, so this concrete small hollow block with cracks in the concrete block wall will inevitably occur; Cement, lime, sand and other materials inconcrete small hollow blocks and mortar is very wide, its performance is not stable, and therefore also affect the quality of masonry and mortar.

2. Design reasons. Block is very sensitive for differential settlement of the foundation,If the differential settlement of the foundation underestimated, easy to produce cracks in the wall.In addition, most of the roof eaves no insulation measures,leading to the top horizontal wall cracks.

3. Construction reasons,In construction, the use of low strength mortar, masonry surfaces from dust and dirt untreated clean,it will take place between the mortar and brick bond strength is poor, resulting in cracks;In addition, the block factory storage period is not enough,in the block volume shrinkage has not been completed on the wall masonry, shrinkage cracks.

4. The use of reason. After completion of the project, when the user re-decoration, free to play chisel the wall, destroyed the integrity of the wall, causing the wall split.

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