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The Main Failure Mode of Panel Machine Parts


Typically, failure mode of panel machine machinery parts mainly include the following:

1. The overall fracture

When parts are subjected to external loads, dangerous sections occurs fatigue fracture, such as the guide post cracks, bolts broken.

2. Excessive residual deformation

If the stress acting on the part exceeds the yield limit of the material, the parts will have a residual deformation, such as deformation of the shaft.

3. Surface of the parts damage (the main cause of failure of parts)

Surface damage of part mainly are corrosion, wear and contact fatigue, with the continuation of the work time, part occurs failure gradually. Such as rail wear and abrasive of copper sleeve.

4. Damaged normal operating conditions caused by failure.

If you destroy these necessary conditions, it will occurs different type of failure, for example, the failure of bearing overheating, gluing or wear will lead to belt slipping.

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