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Steel Rebar Cutting Machine Safety Rules


In the construction industry, in the construction industry, rebar processing is a common project, steel processing is reinforced concrete works provide steel products production process.Steel rebar cutting machine will always use, in the course should always pay attention to safety.

Before start, you must check the knife no crack, knife bolt, solid shield. Turned pulley by hand to check the gear gap, adjust the center of the cutter. After the start, idling to check the bearing and the rotating part of normal operation. It can not be cut when the material does not reach normal operating speed.

In use, rebar cutting machine not cut the rebar that does not meet the prescribed diameter and strength. When cut short material, the distance between the hand and knife should be maintained more than 50mm, if the holding end is less than 40mm, we should use sleeves and clamps. Do not directly removal the debris near the cutter.

In addition, after the job, remove debris between the cutter with steel brush, and perform the whole cleaning and maintenance.

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