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Lightweight Wall Panel Machine

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Light Weight Partition Wall Panel Machine

Light Weight Partition Wall Panel Machine

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Light weight partition wall panel machine, we can also name it as hollow core panel machine, EPS/Cement sandwich panel machine. It can make different types light wall panels.

Lightweight Partition Wall Panel

Light weight partition wall panel standard size is as follows:

3000mm x 1200mm x 90mm(120mm,150mm The thickness can be adjustable according to different customer’s requirement.)

Light weight wall panel material:

Here are many different raw materials can be selected: cement, Expandable Polystyrene, slag,construction waste, gypsum,ceramsite etc.

Light weight wall panel types

GRC partition wall panel

Gypsum partition wall panel 

Light weight cement partition wall panel

Fly ash and foam cement partition wall panel

Light weight wall panel production process

The production flow is as follows:

Raw material hopper-----weighing system----material feeding system----mixing-----pouring tot he mold machine-----forming------de-mould----wall panel moving-----naturing curing---leave factory.

Horizontal type light weight wall panel production line includes the following parts:

1)Raw material hopper, material transportation, Automatic weighing system.

Material transfering machine

Material Hopper

2)Main Molding machine

Lightweight Wall Panel Molding Machine

3)Mortar-pouring pump

Mortar Pouring Pump

4)Core-pulling out system

For this system, different style can be slected, the plastic core can be moved from the molding machine one piece by one pieces, it can be also moved 5-6 pcs per time,depending on customer’s different requirements.

Lighweight wall panel pulling out device

5)Panel-moving system

Panel-moving sytem is for moving the panel from the wall panel machine .

Lightweight Wall Panel Moving Machine

Light weight wall panel machine can make which types light weight wall panels?

Lightweight Wall Panel

Lightweight Wall Panel

Hollow Core Lightweight Wall Panel

Lightweight Hollow Core Partition Wall panel machine working video

How can we get an effective quotation for the light weight wall panel?
1. Please let us know you will produce which types light wall panel.
2. Please let us know the wall panel size that you will produce? Length, Width, Thickness.
3. Please let us know your output requirement.

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