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Introduction of Hollow Core Slab Machine


Hollow core slab machine, we usually call it Light weight wall panel machine, commonly has three types: Automatic type, Ordinary hydraulic type and Steam type.

Hollow Core Wall Panel Machine

1.Automatic type Light weight wall panel machine

1)Adopting two-way hydraulic and electrical control system, hydraulic mold opening and closing. The front-end is combined die head. The mold and plug’s opening and closing can automatic control by temperature. It is of high degree mechanization and automation.

2)The Light weight wall panel size: Length: 3 meters, Width: 0.6 meters Range of Thickness: 60mm-200mm. Also can adjust the product size based on the customer’s requirements.

3)Using electricity or steam or water-electricity heating system, each of them is available. Fast mold releasing, short maintenance period and greatly reducing cost.

4)Adopting plastic core pipe lining metal pipe is very durable. Besides, electrical pipe-pulling is labor-saving and time-saving.

5)One set of machine is of multipurpose, because the length and thickness of light weight wall panel is adjustable. It is suitable for production of GRC, gypsum, ceramic, composite sandwich panel, solid panel and other types of light weight panel.

2.Ordinary hydraulic type

Adopting one-way hydraulic and electrical control system. Others are the same as Automatic type.

3.Steam type

Adopting either two-way or one-way hydraulic system is available. Others are also same as Automatic type.

Our technology is mature and our machine is very stable, durable and reliable.

Choosing which type is based on your situation and requirement. If you have something unclear about Light weight wall panel machine, or want to ask for some suggestions, please feel free to write to us by sales@hbhscn.com. We will do our best to help.

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