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how to make suspended platform


Safe suspended scaffolding platforms must have a secure anchorage system.  The structure to which it is attached as well as by each of the scaffold platform’s components that comprise it anchorage system must support the weight of both the scaffold platform and its occupants.

So the quality of suspended platform is very important!Let me share with you how we make safe and quality suspended scaffolding platform.

1. Source quality steel from famous steel mill to guarantee good quality raw material.

suspended scaffolding platform frame

2. Make square tube cutting, hole punching and welding.The welding quality is most important.It must be fully firm welding.

suspended platform frame welding

3. Shot blasting for removing the dusty and powder spraying and drying.

4. Checking the welding quality and surface treatment quality, strictly control the quality.

5. Double check and packing suspended platform.

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