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How to Maintain The Panel Machine?


No matter what machine in the long-term use should pay attention to maintenance and repair, so that we can guarantee the life of the machine longer. Since the panel machine used concrete as a work piece, well-maintained machine will be related to the quality of work, therefore, we should cultivate workers maintain awareness, regularly check and maintain the machine.

First, before the work, we should clean up the concrete that adhered in reamer thread spacet. If dust accumulation is too much inside, it will reduce the transportation capacity of concrete, this will affect the forward speed and quality of the work machine.

Second, after the end of the work, the machine should be large-scale clean-up. In addition to cleaning up the ash at important parts, panels, scraping plates should be clean up to prevent caking, running resistance will increase, thus affecting the performance of the machine.

Third, according to the actual operating time, the machine that continued to work for three months should be replaced once the gearbox oil. When we replacing new oil, we need to check the box of gears and bearings is intact, if there is wear or abnormal phenomenon, we also should be replaced timely. Also regularly check oil position within the oil window, when find oil surface below the lower limit, we should be made up timely.

Fourth, regularly filling oil to all moving parts and machine bolts. Check wearing parts of the machine regularly, if necessary, should be replaced to avoid affecting the quality and efficiency of the products.

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