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How to cut foam and use which machines?


Most of CNC hot wire foam cutter are capable of cutting EPS foam (also called Expanded Polystyrene), EPP foam (called Expanded Polypropylene) and XPS foam (Extruded Polystyrene).

CNC foam cutter

If the materials to be cut are wood or other light metals, stones, then a CNC router is necessary.
All of the cutting machines are CNC, which means they are controlled by a computer and come with specialized cutting software.
Once the right file is received, the data is entered into the computer which is connected to the CNC foam cutter, including all the coordinated needed for cutting that specific shape. Upon finishing of cutting the shape needed, it can be sanded to either a rough or a smooth finish, according to the customer's request. Large scale shapes are made in several pieces, then glued together to make the complete shape. The cut can also be coated with Polyethylene coating, Polyurea and paint it if needed. The end product needs to be durable, strong and long lasting.
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