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EPS Coating Machine

EPS Coating Machine

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Full automatic Linear EPS foam coating production line:

1. Dry mortar mixer (For mixing the cement, sand, HDPE ,Redispersible polymer powder,PP fiber ,wood fiber to make Polymer cement.)

2. Wet mortar mixer (After the polymer cement is finished, it will be conveyed to wet polymer cement mixer for mixing.)

3. Conveyor( convey the wet polymer concrete to the hopper of EPS foam cornice coating machine.)

4. Architectural EPS (Styrofoam) coating machine 

5. EPS coating mold

Architectural EPS linear coating machine

How does the EPS coating machine work?

Linear EPS coating machine is designed for coating EPS linear foam shapes.

1.  we put the EPS piece on the table guide .

2.  The the motor powers the pusher mechanism, which pushes the EPS foam shape through the “ wet mortar box”.

3. The EPS foam piece enters and exits the “wet mortar box” and the coating mold.The exit is bigger than the foam piece itself.The gap between the mold exit and the EPS shape determins the coating thickness. That creats an accurate and even coating .

EPS panel coating machine

EPS foam Cornice coating machine

EPS coating machine

EPS coating machine

EPS foam coating machine

Main parameters

Item No.





Overall dimension


3850*1400*1600( L X W XH)




Can be adjusted,0-3m/min


Motor power




Input power




Max processing size



Motor:1440 RPM,speed down ratio:59,output speed:23RPM.

Drive sproket max speed :10791.6mm/min

Special size can be made according to customer’s requirement.

Advantage of EPS (Polystyrene) coating machine

1. Small investment .

2. Save labor. One shift use 2-3 workers.

3. High efficiency . Coating speed is 0-3m/min .

4. One stop service support.  We support you by one stop service, chemical additive supply, polymer concrete formula,machine supply and teach you how to use the machine.

5. On line support. If any problem in working progress, we can solve by online by wechat.

How to coat EPS cornice ?

Foam coating is very simple, it can be done as follows:

1. Firstly mix the cement, sand and some additives together.

2. Put a layer of self-automatic fiberglass mesh on the EPS panel or EPS decorative shape.

3. Input the mixer on the hopper .

4. start the machine to coating.

5. Usually for EPS shape coating, we use chain(with tooth) for transmit. For the panel, we use belt for transmit. Because if we use chain also for the panel, it will appear some small holes on one side of the EPS panels.

Customer's facroty

EPS foam coating

EPS foam coating

EPS foam coating

EPS shape application

EPS foam coating shape

We have another type Double side EPS panel coating machine for producing EPS Cement sandwich panel /XPS Cement sandwich panel:

Double side EPS panel coating

More details, pls browse our  web Double side EPS foam panel coating machine.

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