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Concrete Block Wall Cracks Prevention Measures


1. good design optimization.In order to reduce the adverse effects of temperature stress on the upper part of the concrete block wall, it is recommended to set reinforced concrete walls or steel walls at both ends of the windowsill.The key of controlling top wall cracks is to reduce the temperature difference between the roof and the wall,so building must use the insulation layer and the insulating layer,while the insulating layer should be paved.Roof should be set up sub-lattice seam,setting reinforced concrete sill beams at the windowsill to reduce the crack due to the pressure difference caused.

2. control measures on the construction aspect.In construction, require the same construction site of the each layer wall should be made by the same person.It should be strictly enforced identified mortar mix proportion.When we build the horizontal mortar joint,should use block slurry method to paved slurry,when we build vertical seam,we should first use small-block covered with mortar,then tight squeeze on the wall and use a trowel to pound dense to ensure adequate tensile shear strength.

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