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CNC Thermocol Cutting Machine

CNC Thermocol Cutting Machine

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CNC Thermocol cutting machine also called EPS foam CNC cutting machine. It is widely used for cutting EPS packaging. So CNC foam cutting machine is in high demand in packaging industry.

EPS thermocol cutting


Main Application: EPS Packaging

Four Axis:X,Y,Z and Rotary Axis.

X,Y,Z Working Area: Customize according to client's EPS packaging model.

Spindle Speed:0-60r/min

Drawing system: CAD/Input order

Working Voltage: 220V 50HZ 1PH

Cutting Head: One head or multi head, according to client's output to design.

Performance of Thermocol Cutting Machine:

1. Use Industrial grade CNC system to control computer, no need to draw in computer ,it can cut arc shape, angle shape and some other complex packing molds.

EPS thermocol cutting

EPS thermocol cuttingEPS thermocol cutting

2. Voltage-adjusting electricity source of the electric hot wire is set in the controller, and digital display is more convenient for operating.

3.Use Taiwan Liner guide and ball screw,high precision machine drive.

EPS thermocol cutting machine spare partsEPS Thermocol cutting machine parts

EPS thermocol cutting machine parts

4.Special size can be made according to customer’s requirement.

CNC Foam Cutting machine working video( used in EPS packing field).

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Product: CNC Thermocol Cutting Machine
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