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Automatic CNC EPS Foam Thermocol Cutting Machine

Automatic CNC EPS Foam Thermocol Cutting Machine

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Automatic EPS foam free-mold cutting machine  is widely used for custom styrofoam protection packaging for shipping glass bottle, electronics, instruments, medical device etc.

EPS thermocol cutting

Automatic EPS foam  packing machine Feature

1. The software supports pictures to generate drawings, and dxf drawings can be used to accurately dig various arcs, triangles, right angles and various combined graphics. 

2. No mold is required, the software automatically generates the trajectory, without manual intervention.

3. The running track is X-axis-y-axis-Z-axis-a-axis interpolation algorithm, which is fast and saves time and effort.
4. Automatic cylinder tightening, workers only need to load and unload materials.
5. The design of four working heads and four working positions, 4 pc/cycle, mass production has more advantages.

Foam Box Insert cutting machine Parameter

Working size 3000*1300mm
Working Voltage/current 220V-20A
Cutting Speed 300-600mm/min
Transmission Method Synchronous belt + rod screw
Sliding method SBR slideway
Hot knife number 4pc
Operatio system window 7
Overall Dimension 3500*1800*2000mm
Weight  600kg
Working Head 4pc

Special size can be made according to customer’s requirement.

CNC Foam Cutting machine working video( used in EPS packing field).

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Product: Automatic CNC EPS Foam Thermocol Cutting Machine
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